Wholistic Counselling and Coaching

Wholistic Counselling and Coaching recognizes that each of us are unique and that we all have emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects to who we are. In order to create the life that we want, we may explore any one, or all, of these aspects, individually or in an integrated, truly holistic manner. This is the beauty of Wholistic Counselling and Coaching – it is not limited to one defined technique or approach for personal development or healing and recovery. Wholistic Counselling and Coaching draws on both well-established principles of counselling as well as progressive approaches to self-development and coaching. As a result, your unique needs, whether they be long-term life issues or short-term immediate concerns, are most effectively addressed. Personalized, ongoing support serves to both inspire us and facilitate our growth and healing, allowing us to achieve our potential, in our own special way. Wholistic Counselling and Coaching builds foundations and directs our future, bringing clarity, resolution and vision. It guides us on the path to wholeness – a life of true fulfillment and success.


  • Wholistic Counselling and Coaching Services are offered as Individual Sessions in three ways:
  • 1) One-Time Sessions: 1 hour sessions (or longer), as needed.
  • 2) Package for Wellness: Designed for clients who would like to commit to their personal growth or healing through ongoing support and dialogue. This package is 4 hours of Wholistic Counselling and Coaching used according to the client's preferences over a two month period. So, the 4 hours may all be used within a one week period or they may be enjoyed any time within a two month period. Individual sessions may range from 1 hour to 2 hours.
  • 3) Health and Lifestyle Consulting: A more integrated, comprehensive approach to health and well-being, in which Wholistic Counselling and Coaching is directly incorporated with other health modalities, such as Macrobiotics (Healing Foods) and Reiki, in order to achieve deep transformation, healing and personal growth in the most holistic and thus most powerful and effective manner.