Macrobiotics Plus – Roster of Cooking Classes

Ancient Healing Foods ... for Health, Recovery, and Timeless Beauty

Classes are conducted numerous times throughout the year. Please contact us for schedules and pricing of upcoming courses.
Introductory Macrobiotics: Lecture and Cooking

Combined cooking class with lecture, reviewing both the key dishes for healing/recovery and the theoretical principles of macrobiotics, such as the five transformations of energy theory and outline of healing programs.

Macrobiotics: Understanding Healing Foods (preparatory workshop)

Understand macrobiotics, the art and science of nutrition and energy balance for total health. Learn the power of whole organic foods to heal, strengthen and protect. Includes an introduction to ancient healing foods used in the classes and samples of Japanese rice balls, shoyu-roasted almonds, amasake shakes and mochi waffles.

Japanese Rice Balls & Vegetarian Sushi (cooking class)

The perfect fast foods for today, Japanese rice balls and vegetarian sushi possess vital healing properties. Learn the medicinal values of these ancient healing foods and why Japanese call them "bottom-line survival foods." Prepare and take home these delicious treats made with the highest quality ingredients, including organic brown rice & vegetables and umeboshi plum/paste.

Fat dissolving foods - Macrobiotic cooking
Fat-dissolving Foods (cooking class)

Fat deposits deep in the body and just below the surface of the skin are major factors in the development of dry skin, premature aging, and degenerative health conditions. Learn about the ancient healing foods that dissolve fats, protect blood quality, decrease cholesterol, and restore beauty. Items prepared in class include dried daikon tea, miso soup, shiitake mushroom-daikon dish, lotus root tea, barley stew, and marinated lotus root salad.

Dinner of the Gods - Macrobiotic cooking
Dinner of the Gods (cooking class)

The gods and goddesses of ancient times never lacked a healthy appetite for food, love, adventure, and life! Learn how to prepare an ancient healing meal fit for the gods. Discover the ancient cure for a hangover. Food is prepared with only the highest quality organic and macrobiotic ingredients. This festive dinner begins with squash puree miso soup, pressure-cooked sweet brown rice sprinkled with roasted pecans, adzuki beans with dried Italian chestnuts & plump raisins over a bed of panfried mochi, salad of butternut squash and carrots with umeboshi vinegar dressing, green beans almondine, steamed greens with lemon, and creamy amasake pudding.

Desserts with the Healing Touch (cooking class)

The gentle sweetness of nature can satisfy both our sweet tooth and our determination to maintain and recover our health. Learn how to prepare healing foods desserts that won't leave you with swings in blood sugar, cravings, and excess weight. By using balanced foods, free of dairy and sugar, such as chestnuts, sweet vegetables, amasake, brown rice malt, mochi, seasonal fruits and more, you can have your cake and eat it too! Enjoy chestnut cream pie, mock banana pudding, apricot couscous cake, fresh fruit "jello," stewed fruit, hot mochi waffles topped with frozen amasake fruit/nut "sundaes," and more.

Warm the Body, Nurture the Soul: Healing Soups, Stews, and more (cooking class)

Comfort foods not only provide physical relief from the cold, they also calm the mind and nurture the soul. Using strengthening healing foods, such as whole grains, seitan, tempeh, burdock, kuzu and other root vegetables, you'll look forward to the long winter nights with a warm glow in your body and your soul! Savour the warmth of stewed vegetables with tempeh in kuzu sauce, gomoku rice, seitan melt, kinpira stew, adzuki-pumpkin-mochi soup, red lentil-chestnut soup, hiziki with seitan, lotus root & onion, and slow-cooked vegetables-noodles in creamy miso sauce.

Healing Foods Salads (cooking class)

Enjoyed as a side-dish in any season, or a festive summer meal, whole grains/pastas, beans, vegetables, and fruits can all be prepared in colourful medleys of fresh, satisfying salads. By using special healing foods such as sea vegetables, shiso leaves, black sesame seeds, and shiitake mushrooms, these salads do much more than just satisfy the taste buds!