Macrobiotics Plus

Macrobiotics is a very healthy way of eating and living that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. It does this by choosing foods that are the most balanced nutritionally and energetically for the human body. As a result, when we eat in this manner, we have fewer extreme inputs, and therefore fewer stressors, on our bodies. With less stress, we are able to create greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, which brings vitality, strength and peace in every area of our life.

Nutritionally, Macrobiotics is based on a 1:7 ratio of minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Energetically, Macrobiotics balances foods that are warming and cooling, based on our personal health condition and where we live – our environment.

Food, then, is seen as a tool to help us achieve our highest potential through helping us create a life of greater health, happiness and peace.

The beauty of Macrobiotics is its flexibility – the foods and principles can be easily adapted into any diet or lifestyle.

See the Macrobiotics Information section for additional details.

Cooking Classes

Ancient Healing Foods ... for Health, Recovery, and Timeless Beauty

Food as medicine is the most ancient system of holistic health and healing. The gods and goddesses of antiquity relied on the bounties of nature for their power, beauty, and grace. By embracing the gifts of nature we unlock the power of the gods, creating health, vitality, happiness, and peace.

In these educational and participatory cooking classes and workshops, learn the secrets of ancient healing foods – for health, prevention, recovery, and timeless beauty – and how they can be easily prepared and introduced into your daily diet and lifestyle. A full manual of recipes and educational material is provided.

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Cooking Services

  • • Macrosnacks:
  • → macrobiotic snacks and meals to go – see

  • • Private Cooking Services:
  • → personalized cooking for your individual needs
  • → may be fine-tuned for specific health conditions or for general health
    and well-being
  • → regular or occasional services available
  • → 3 hour minimum

  • Health and Lifestyle Consultations

  • • private consultation services

  • A) Holistic Health and Lifestyle Plan
  • • 2 consultations (3 hours total) include initial assessment, extensive questionnaire, introduction to specific healing foods, full manual of educational materials and recipes, as well as detailed recommendations for healing – The Healing Program.
  • • ideal for individuals seeking specific dietary and health recommendations for healing and transformation AND ideal for individuals seeking a general dietary/lifestyle change.

  • B) Personal Health Consultation
  • • 1 hour – review of key health concerns and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Macrobiotics – Information on Healing Foods

    Information on Healing Foods

    Food as medicine is the most ancient system of holistic health and healing. Macrobiotics – the art and science of nutrition and energy balance for total health – is a wholistic, flexible way of eating and living using simple, practical tools. Basic knowledge and skills can be learned, that are already a part of our daily existence, to significantly improve the quality of our health and life.

    Universal in scope, Macrobiotics "fine-tunes" the way we already eat and live, in any culture, climate and society. For example, in the summer or in hot climates, we eat foods in season and naturally eat lighter, cooling dishes. In the winter or in colder climates, we gravitate towards stronger energy, grounding foods and eat more stews and warming dishes. In our daily life, rather than eating foods with extreme energies that cause extreme reactions in our bodies, we can adapt our eating patterns to a more balanced combination of dishes and foods, thereby creating harmony and balance within ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With balance, comes peace. With peace comes prosperity, in every way.

    Healing Foods Are For Everyone!

    Because Macrobiotics is based on the fundamental Principles of Nature, it is very adaptable and flexible in its approach. No dramatic change in how we live is required. In fact, each of us is already Macrobiotic because we are, naturally, always trying to achieve balance. Macrobiotics means "macro"–"large" and "biotic"–"life/living." So, we can begin a healthier lifestyle or change in diet according to the way in which we each feel most comfortable. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong.

    In Macrobiotics, there are two main "streams" of foods/diet. One, can be considered "healthy eating" where healthy, balanced substitutes are introduced into our existing way of eating, such as Macrobiotic lasagna, spaghetti, cookies and apple pie. The other can be considered "eating for health and recovery" which utilizes healing foods to help recover from serious illness , conditions, addictions or injury. These are the foods for transformation, and when applied in a systematic way, have the ability to rebuild our house from the inside out – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is the Art and Science of The Healing Program.

    So, a great way to begin is by eating a bowl of Miso soup every day – homemade with the highest quality miso (unpasteurized, aged over 2 years). If you change nothing else, consider "a bowl of Miso soup a day, to keep the doctor away." Organic whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and vegetables may also be introduced. If you are interested in serious healing and transformation, then going directly to the Healing Foods and Healing Program is the most advisable. It is all your choice. Delicious meals and snacks are always available!

    How do Healing Foods and Macrobiotics Work?

    Macrobiotics not only recognizes that we "are what we eat," it also understands that we "are our environment." This applies not only to our present influences, but also to our past and evolutionary influences. So we can say that Macrobiotics is based on the three "E's" — Energy, Environment and Evolution. By truly understanding, and bringing into balance, these three factors of Human Being, the body aligns itself, cleanses, detoxifies, repairs and strengthens, returning to its natural state. Health and Happiness are our Birthright. This is Our Common Heritage. The body and spirit are always trying to return to this natural, whole state. With the right tools and information, applied in the right way, Mother Nature is able to blossom and shine!

    Macrobiotic cooking differs from other styles of healthy cooking in two primary ways. First, a small quantity of high quality fermented foods are incorporated into the daily diet. Second, high quality sea salt is cooked into the food, through the use of, for example, white sea salt or shoyu sauce. Everything in the Macrobiotic approach helps digest food, assimilate and utilize nutrients, make the blood slightly alkaline and bring into balance the environmental factors of our constitution. If our blood is too acidic, then harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and fats/mucous will remain and accumulate, leading to many chronic and degenerative conditions.

    Nutritionally, Macrobiotics looks at our evolutionary heritage to bring the perfect 1:7 ratio of minerals, protein, fats and carbohydrates into our diet. Energetically, Macrobiotics considers the energy of our external environment and our internal environment–of our internal state of health–to adjust foods and cooking styles to our specific condition. Thus, Healing Foods can be personally planned to meet your specific condition and dietary and lifestyle needs.