Client Testimonials

There is no greater acknowledgement than accolades from a mentor, especially in the beautiful expression of poetry. I thank Richard P. Geer, Master Astrologer and Incantational Performance Poet, for his unending wisdom and spiritual guidance. For more of Richard's inspiring and enlightening poetry, please click here "Horses, Poetry, Inspiration"

“All Hail You, Lidia!
a deep bow from the ocean to you
mighty Lidia
love and respect and reverence and affection
thank you for being born,
and for being true
and courageous
and loving and generous
and all that you are”
Ohhh, what a beam!
Send me someone like her,
elegant and wise and beaming
and appreciative & gorgeous & clear-eyed
& true & real & deep & refined
& blunt yet sweet & loving &
who makes me smile & almost blush
at simply looking at her

Richard P. Geer, Master Astrologer and Incantational Performance Poet

“In October 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Locally Advanced Breast Cancer. As I started my chemotherapy treatments, I was referred to Lidia by a client of hers who said she experienced fantastic healing results with Lidia’s Reiki treatments. I started the Reiki treatments twice a week in November. Lidia recommended twice weekly, ninety minute treatments and that is how I proceeded for the rest of my cancer journey. I could not believe how good she made me feel. Her healing hands are exceptional. She released pain, fluid, and made me feel more energized. Lidia can identify your weak areas and work on healing them. I always look forward to my next sessions with her to feel relieved and experience my improved health. I highly recommend Lidia’s Reiki treatments for anyone going through any physical health issue, or emotional turmoil.”

Debbie Penzo, Toronto, ON

“Thank you very much for spending so much time with us. We really enjoyed your macrobiotic information and cooking class. I greatly benefited from the Reiki treatment. I had a health condition that I could not shake for 2 months which cleared up within one week of the Reiki treatment. I am sure that I will be contacting you often as I start my macrobiotic experience! Thanks again for such a wonderful introduction to macrobiotics and Reiki.”

Stephanie V., Sudbury ON

“For the past year and a half, I have been working with Lidia in healing long-term addictions (45 years) to several substances, including cigarettes and alcohol. This journey of healing and self-discovery has been more difficult than I had ever imagined, and I don't think I could have found my way through it without the support and guidance of Lidia. Lidia not only has a deep understanding and knowledge of the process of healing, which has been incredibly helpful, but she also has a high level of compassion and respect for who I am and my experiences. I feel I can tell Lidia anything and she never judges me. I have always felt safe and extremely comfortable in my sessions with Lidia, and in my darkest moments, she has made me laugh and helped me understand that I am, in fact, "right-on-track" as she likes to say. While Lidia always says that I am the one healing myself, Lidia has been a primary instrument in my healing, and I consider her to be my Master Counsellor. I am very grateful to Lidia for all that she offers and for who she is, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Doug Marks, Ajax ON

“It has been two years since I shared my experiences above, and I continue to be amazed at Lidia's incredible insight as a Counsellor. Lidia is so very astute. Two years later, I am now Light Years away from where I was. I am continuing to realize the depth of Lidia's awareness of my experiences. Lidia always said I would make it through my "Dark Night of the Soul" and arrive in the Light at the other side. And I have arrived, living with true inner peace, without fear and anxiety, for the first time in my life. Lidia always explained to me that I was in a powerful process of transformation. When I was in the midst of the process, and could only see the dark, it was life and death. But Lidia never left my side and always showed me the way back to the Light. Lidia is a true Blessing to Humanity. Thank You Lidia.”

Doug Marks, Ajax ON

“Lidia, I just want to thank you so much again for the informative cooking classes. It was a wonderful experience and something I would like to incorporate in my daily life more and more.”

Doris B., Toronto ON

“Lidia has been a healer, teacher, mentor and friend to me and my family for 12 years. We first met when she offered the gift of Reiki to my mother who was experiencing metastatic breast cancer. I became her student and completed my Reiki Master training under Lidia's wisdom and instruction in order to continue my own life-long healing and share Reiki with others. I have also benefited tremendously from receiving Reiki treatments from Lidia to help treat a chronic neck and shoulder injury, strengthen my immune system and to help me get through some difficult emotional times. I am now beginning to study Macrobiotics with Lidia to understand the healing properties of food so that I may transform further and heal more deeply. Meeting and learning from Lidia and experiencing Reiki and Macrobiotics has been life changing. I am forever grateful.

Farheen Beg, Toronto ON

“Lidia, you rock! Wow, your reiki treatment did wonders for me. It broke the next day. Now I'm back to just being a guy with a sore neck, no screaming pain. It was really quite acute, so that's a considerable accomplishment. Thanks for being so great at what you do.

Tom Hazlitt, Toronto ON

“Lidia is nothing short of a master in the truest sense of the word. Lidia has a very special healing gift and after seven years since my first appointment, I continue to benefit from regular reiki treatments with her. Whenever I have experienced health issues of any kind, reiki with Lidia has always put things right again. She has dedicated her career to the healing arts in order to help others in need and she inspires me with her generosity of spirit and her caring. As a trained counselor, she also has a wonderful way of helping to shift one's perception of a situation while offering healing treatments. When I was ready to study reiki, I knew that I wanted to learn from Lidia. Here's just a few specific examples of the ways I have benefited from reiki with Lidia:
— When I broke my foot just 2 months before a round-the-world backpacking trip, Lidia directed reiki which sped the healing and I was in perfect condition for the journey.
— Another time a virus took hold of me, and after months and months of allopathic and holistic treatments, I finally turned once again to reiki, and Lidia had me back to normal within 3 treatments.
— While travelling in Indonesia alone, and stuck on a small island with no access to medical treatment, I was struck down by a terrible infection. I contacted Lidia and right away she sent reiki to bring me back to health.
Lidia also coached me through an intensive macrobiotic program, and I felt so energized that I then enjoyed learning more about healthy and delicious food preparation in Lidia's Macrobiotic cooking classes. Lidia's frequent offerings of rice balls and Macrosnacks are always a treat, and help to keep me motivated when eating healthy. Lidia is such a gift to her clients, and lifts us all up with her incredible dedication and strength. I'm very grateful to also call her a friend.

Darcy in Toronto ON

“Lidia, I would just like to Thank-You for listening... I guess I felt safe with you and comfortable. You were truly my blessing today, I thank you for your kind spirit and warm heart and healing hands, You give me hope in people! I truly feel this has been an amazing experience for me and I feel blessed to have been guided to this way of healing!“

Donna P., Toronto ON

“I have known Lidia for almost 10 years, her work as healer and teacher, has inspired me in my spiritual journey. Lidia introduced me to Macrobiotics and shared her passion with me for the healing properties of food. Since that day I'm more aware and knowledgeable of the food that I eat on a regular basis. Thank you Lidia for sharing your knowledge and your gifts. You're truly a blessing to be around.“

John Tan, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Lidia, Thank you so much for sharing your time, wisdom, advice and passion for counselling with me over the past months. Your support and gift of time has been truly "above and beyond", and I am so glad that the Universe decided that we should cross paths. You have a wonderful gift to help so many people - thank you for making me one of them!“

Sarah Bourbonniere, Cambridge ON

“I have been on a journey of vegetarianism and spiritual growth for many years and learned about Lidia's macrobiotics courses about five years ago and decided to try them out! It was a very interesting, enjoyable and educational experience and opened up even more ways to enjoy natural food and approaches to healing. My grown up children also joined me in the sushi making class and loved the hands on experience. Our entire family especially enjoys sushi and miso soup has become a regular part of our dietary practice. We went on to take reiki with Lidia and continue to practice it at home, at Lidia's reiki gatherings, and I offer treatments to others. Lidia is very humble, authentic, inspires others and committed to following her path of helping others on their healing journey. There is nothing ego driven about Lidia. She works tirelessly with a beautiful smile on her face. When I am preparing food in my home I remember her words that while one is lovingly preparing food one can be contemplating the meaning of life!! She models what living in the moment is all about... Thank you Lidia for all that I have learned from you and am continuing to learn.“

Jonna Crone, Barrie ON

“Lidia, Thank you so much for all your kindness, support and trust. I feel Revived again. This has been a wonderful experience. You're such a wonderful person. Those who spread Love cannot keep it for themselves. I feel so Blessed to have crossed paths with you. I feel so Inspired. May you know that you have touched my life. Thank You and May you be Blessed.“

Lucy Dinis, Toronto ON

“Lidia has empowered me to be an active participant in my own healing. With a calm energy and a gentle sense of humor she introduced me to the power of macrobiotic healing foods and taught me how to incorporate them into my life. With thanks to her many cooking classes, and Macrosnacks food service, I have been able to experience the amazing potential that macrobiotic food has to heal my body, my mind and my spirit. Reiki has also played a large part in my healing as I have benefited greatly from receiving Reiki treatments from Lidia. I am very honoured to have completed my Reiki levels with her and have chosen to continue studying with her as a Reiki Master Apprentice. Every step along my healing journey she has been there with support, encouragement and a mug of kukicha tea. I feel very blessed to have her in my life as a guide and trusted friend.“

Elyse Jenkins, Toronto ON

“Dear Lidia, between diet advice, counselling and Reiki, you have such a lot to offer someone like myself on life's healing journey. Thanks for sharing your gifts. With great appreciation.“

Tom Hazlitt, Toronto ON

“Lidia's way of being, as a teacher and friend, puts one at ease instantly. She exudes compassion and understanding and reminds us to be kind to ourselves. Beyond theory and concepts, she fully practices the principles of Reiki and Macrobiotics in her daily life so that she can be a clear channel of light and positive energy for the highest good. Lidia sets a wonderful example for her students and reminds us to not only understand our Reiki practice, but to put our best effort forward to live our practice.“

Farheen Beg, Toronto ON

“Lidia has been my Reiki teacher for the past 3 years for my Level I, II and III Reiki attunements. Since day one, Lidia has offered unconditional support and guidance to make sure I was fully supported during the process. She never hesitated to give her in-depth, heartfelt advice on any topic to do with Reiki or otherwise, during my transitions and shifts. At no point have I felt left alone to deal with issues that came up for me and at the same time, Lidia does not create dependence as a teacher. I now feel able and capable to teach my own students and I will definitely model my approach with her in my mind. I'm happy to speak to anyone who has questions about working with Lidia or my experiences-I highly recommend Lidia as a teacher and guide.“

Eleanor Healy, Toronto ON

“Prior to counseling and Reiki with Lidia I had a recurring dream that left me feeling abandoned, fearful and at a loss as to what to do.
I was standing on a pier overlooking very treacherous water to the opposite bank that was not well defined. I could not get across. Recently I had a very powerful dream where I was standing on that very same pier watching the tide wash out beneath me. I was filled with joy and energy because I realized that I did not need to be on the pier looking over to the other side. The tide was low enough that I could walk across on my own. I could come and go with the changing tide.
My healing journey could not have happened without counseling and Reiki and I am forever grateful and feel very blessed by Lidia for her healing and wisdom.“

Catherine, Kingston ON

“Lidia Kuleshnyk teaches and practices what she learnt by healing her own early life health challenges. She is a professional with empathy and discretion. I trust her counsel and I am benefiting from her Reiki treatments for the last couple of years.”

Alec O., Langton ON

“You know how most people looking back on a journey say "I didn't know it was going to change my life" or "I had no idea what I was in store for!" But I did. I did the moment I stood in Lidia's first cooking class. December 6, 2005. I knew. I just didn't know how. If you stand here now this the woman? Is this the person that can help me? I say there is no need for hesitation. I call her, "The Gatherer". She has the talent to gather people together, like a magnet can gather steel to its very being. She draws in people, powerful people, to a community she nourishes with her ideas, her presences, her life experience. Some of the funnest nights I have had were in her apartment meeting with like minds, asking questions, sharing knowledge, exchanging healing gifts. In that first cooking class, I met three girls (my healing soul sisters) of which we all now work in the healing arts with powerful practices. December 6, 2005. We call her "The Gatherer".
I call her "The Teacher". There are few people on this planet who can blend harsh truths with a nurturing execution. Over time you gain a respect for all that the healing world has to offer. You acquire an infinite respect for energy, its worth, its potential and you learn how to attach it your own healing. Soon over time you are no longer learning the teachings but you are living the teachings. Empowerment is her method. By living what she preaches you gain valuable insight into healing and all its applications. Often I hear of students who have lost their way and they can't remember who their Reiki Master was, or they no longer believe that they possess any ability to facilitate healing. This makes my heart ache because with Lidia I never felt alone. I wish everyone could find Lidia. Many times in my healing journey (one that I am still on) I have been so broken. But a phone call, a simple phone call, and I am helped to understand my journey or what is happening. We call her "The Teacher".
From cooking classes that empowered me to initiate my own healing, to reiki sessions that helped to facilitate an incredible root chakra opening, from the introduction of hot yoga that helped heal my body, from hours long in-depth conversations that negotiated a sisterhood, from laughs and chats about spirit guides, from late night "how do I make adzuki bean tea again?" I changed my life. And all the time this hand, this hand of a woman who had gone before me, who understood everything I was going through, who lead me at my pace and waited for me to get there and held for me the finish line tape in one hand and the beginning line tape. Lidia.
I call her The Shepherd, I call her The Light Worker, I call her The Harsh Healer, I call her The Gatherer, I call her The Teacher, I call her my Mentor and my Reiki Master, I call her my Best Friend. I call her the Woman who Changed my Life. I call her my Destiny. What will you call her?”

Natasha Boomer, Toronto ON

“I just want to thank you so much for meeting me. I was so interested in everything you taught me in that brief period and want you to know I haven't stopped thinking about it all! Your story also really gave me a glimpse of how working with energy therapy can work - not just how, but that working in this field truly does work! It's also wonderful to be reminded over and over what can happen when one just accepts alignment with the Universe . . . our meeting was super pivotal for me . . . Wow - I so appreciate meeting you . . . I've been carrying around a lot of ideas you inspired in my head!”

Laura Merton,
MACP student and Energy Therapy Practitioner
Toronto, Ontario